Avengers VS Justice League

Tussle Association: A Cinematic Showdown

DC vs Marvel. Avengers vs Justice League, with comics moving to the big screen and thus to a much bigger audience. So who better to settle their differences by someone who is a nerd but has no idea of what he is talking about (aside from the Internet itself I mean)? You guessed it! Tonight in our great ring of fire, we will pit the Avengers against the Justice League against one another in a heroic match for the Tussle. Our contestants will be judged based on:

A) Popularity

B) Villains

C) Movie Reception 

and off course

D) The Roster. 


DISCLAIMER: Since if we talk about the Comic versions we will take all day since there are a bazillion of them, we will -only- discuss the cinematic versions. The only question that will draw upon their lore outside the films will be D) The Roster, for obvious reasons.

Marvel's Avengers

The biggest cinematic Universe in history, with all films raging above average as films go, the Avengers featured a story that went on in about 4 Avengers movies as well as every single Movie they released. From Thor to Iron Man, to the -FANTASTIC- Captain America films, this is no small feat. Some being more successful than others, the greatest victory of the Marvel cinematic universe was simple.  It made heroes with a reputation of being "lame" like Captain America or as obscure as the Guardians of the Galaxy into major hits and popular heroes. But is the success in the Box Office enough to save them in this Tussle? Lets find out!

Popularity: 10/10. This is exactly the victory their Box Office would net them. Many people have seen the end game numerous times, and the hype train for Marvel films is still far from dead. They are popular and deserve to be so.

Villains: 6/10. In all honesty guys, I am sorry but the villains of the Marvel universe always felt a bit flat. Aside from Thanos who is a -great- villain and Vulture from Spiderman, the rest are just a bore. Sure we might like Loki for what he represents, but is he a villain demanding respect or more a petulant child throwing a tantrum? From my point of view, it is not the Villains that drive the movies, it is the heroes.

Movie Reception: 10/10. Every single movie Marvel has released for its "MCU" has been a minimum of 5/10. This may not seem as much, but considering the gross amount of movies it has put out, that is a major win. It has kept the fans happy, the crowds wanting more, and has earned a reputation for reliable and fun movies all around. Even the most hardcore DC fan will have to admit that Marvel's movies are at the very least Entertaining.

The Roster: 7/10. Being the only question which we will take the characters as they are presented everywhere, I will say that the Avenger's roster is a bit lacking. Aside from captain America, Spiderman and Iron Man, who though I hate will admit that is an interesting character, the rest are just a bit...there. Knowing full well that some of the actual Avengers have some very interesting characters that could have led to way more complex stories, having the entire roster's emotional weight carried by essentially Captain America and Ironman greatly diminishes the value of everyone else.

Justice League

Oh DC you....dumb hulking idiot. DC has some of the most iconic and well known Super Heroes prior to the phenomenon that is the "MCU" and it has chosen to do exactly jack shit with it. With a stream of movies so horrible it made Wonder Woman be a breath of fresh air you can really see they are starting at a disadvantage in this tussle. Not to say that Wonder Woman was a bad film, it was above average for sure, but it was by no means a -good- movie, it had plenty of weaknesses drawing it down, and I am sorry, but when Marvel manages to make a superb political thriller with both Captain America: Winter Soldier and Avengers: Civil War, I am sorry, just above average does not cut it. With the success of Aquaman and Justice league be enough to win this Fight?

Popularity: 7/10. I am sorry Justice League but due to DC fucking up time after time, people are suspicious as all hell about your movies. As such, the Justice League concept is viewed with suspicion and held back excitement

Villains: 10/10. I was once in an argument with a friend that Marvel makes better villains because it humanizes them. I do not believe that is true, what Marvel does is give them all redeeming qualities. But that is exactly why DC is kicking their ASS in that department. Sure, they do have an advantage as the Batman series have made the most complex, human and satisfying villains of all time, but throughout its universe, DC knows how to make a good and proper Villain. Sure, some bad guys have redeeming qualities and are just lashing out against a society they feel has treated them unfairly, but other times, the most memorable times, a villain is being a villain by choice. Lex Luthor, Savage, Raz Al Gul, Sinestro, Deathstroke, Black Manta, Darkseid, Doomsday, Gorilla Grodd, Zoom, Hugo Strange. Not only great villains, but villains with the presence  and threat that Thanos exhumes. And I did not even delve deep into Batman villains.

Movie Reception: 5/10. Their movie was average. Lets be honest, their Flash was -HORRIBLE-, a caricature really, their villain was -meh-, the CGI was unnecessary and poorly made and total shift from the female empowering Wonder Woman to a Wonder Woman with obvious shots to sexualize her were just a big no-no DC. Just when people are starting to like you. To be fair, it -was- an entertaining film, but it was just that. Average.

The Roster: 10/10. I am biased, I admit. I prefer DC's universe to Marvel's so I will keep this as unbiased as I can. I do believe that unlike the Avengers, the Justice League both handled their roster better, and brought a stronger roster all together. With every character, but Flash, having impact and bringing something on the table aside from laughs, it felt more focused and more evenly distributed. Characters would play on each other's skills and share the emotional impact of the film equally, which to me was surprising considering how it was supposed to be an "origin" story. Where the MCU would start to feel as if Captain America and Iron Man are essentially emotionally and practically leading a bunch of subordinates into battle, the Justice League felt like a genuine group of people working -with- each other.


The Avengers

This was a hard decision from me folks.

If I took them as they are, without any disclaimers I would have picked the Justice League, but I personally believe, that they are both equally awesome. No matter how you look at it (except movie wise), Marvel and DC are equally strong and the only key reason you can justify watching/reading/loving one over the other is pure preference. For every single argument one can make for one side, there exists an equally powerful counter argument for the other. But I digress.

Though I personally prefer the DC universe more than the Marvel one, as it has its own separate thing going on, without influence from current events, the Tussle was about their Cinematic career. Despite the flaws of the Avengers and the strengths of the Justice League, ultimately it bogs down to quality, and Marvel has managed to present a more wholesome, entertaining and emotionally impacting experience with her movies.


As such, rejoice Captain America fans, for the Avengers have won this with flying colors!

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