Ben-Hur VS Hurr Durr

Tussle Of Biblical Proportions

Easter is upon us folks! The season of weird as shit customs and traditions throughout the world! So who are we to judge? The times call for weird traditions and we will deliver a weird Tussle! One is a movie, the other is a meme! One might argue pitting them against each other is impossible. ALMOST LIKE SPLITTING THE SEA IN TWO!

Our contestants will be judged based on:

Fan Love


Entertainment Value

Side Characters


A movie about a Jewish nobleman in Jerusalem and the vile and evil Romans that destroy his life, and now the man seeks revenge. The plot is surprisingly robust and not preachy at all considering the religious tone of it. With impressive sets and action for the time, that holds up relatively well even for today, the movie is without a doubt a classic. But the movie shows us how Ben-Hur fares in the chariot races, how will he fare in the arena of the Tussle?

Fan Love: 8/10. An extremely popular film and one that was the highest grossing film behind Gone With The Wind back in the day, it still has a strong following, considering how it seems to always play during Easter in numerous outlets. As with everything however, with the passing of time comes the erosion of fame.

Popularity: 2/10. Sadly despite the greatness of this film, it has been repeated so many times around these times, that it is not only unappreciated but also widely ignored. With Religious themes being under heavy fire in modern day society any film or subject that has a religious subject is fighting an uphill battle when it comes to popularity

Entertainment Value: 9/10. I will be honest: I am not a fan of religious films. They always feel preachy and I get a strong propaganda vibe. In this film however, I have to admit that the religious undertone is not as "on the nose" as in other films. Instead this film shows a very robust hero's journey and religion comes in the form of the spiritual restlessness and eventual peace brought to the protagonist after the completion of his adventure. As such I have to admit that the only reason the film does not score a 10/10 is simply because the tying in of Jesus and the "Deus Ex Machina" restoration of his family felt shoehorned in and offered no service to the story.

Side Characters: 5/10. Unremarkable. The antagonist is bland and one dimensional, which is very much a nuisance considering how in this type of films the antagonist should be interesting. In all honesty I do not even remember the side characters, and that says something.

Hurr Durr (I cannot believe I am actually doing this)

Hurr Durr is a meme that showed up roughly around 2008. It is supposed to mimic the laughter of a intellectually challenged person and is often used when someone either displays extreme levels of idiocy in his actions, or makes a very idiotic claim. Examples are as following
Jebedaiah: "I once lifted an elephant in order to check on his injured leg"
Jarusha: "Hurr Durr I once lifted an entire elephant Hurr Durr"

Fan Love: 9/10. It's juvenile, its immature, but it is damn good fun. I have yet to meet a single person that does not love the occasional hurr durr meme, or even go ahead as use this "phrase" every now and then. Except for actual functioning adults that is, but anyway.

Popularity: 7/10. Sure it is a beloved meme, but admittedly with all the political correctness thrown about as if people know what that means, as well as the fact it was not that intelligent of a joke to begin with, its popularity is slowly decreasing to give way to newer memes.

Entertainment Value: 2/10. I mean common, even when one uses it, it is not exactly used for some high quality comedy

Side Character: 0/10. No comment.


Ben 10

First of all, he has scores that rival Ben-Hur in -all- fields.
Second of all, when religion comes in play, I am not going to make any decision to upset or might insult anyone, no matter how much he/she/it will have to stretch what I said to be offended.

-FURTHERMORE- it is a fun kid's show, with interesting characters, a simple but intriguing plot and memorable and lovable characters.

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