Board Game Madness: Betrayal On The House On The Hill

Betrayal On The House On The Hill

Betrayal on the house on the hill, or Betrayal for short, is an interesting game that dynamically changes half way.

The idea is that you are all characters exploring a haunted house/mansion one dark stormy night. Eventually, as you explore, the place will become haunted and the players must then do everything in their power to deal with the situation at hand. But beware! Many haunts will have one player turn out to be a traitor, luring the rest in here for his diabolical plans.


The game is simple. At first, the players will each select a character and will have to take turns moving around, exploring the house.

Every room the uncover may offer a challenge, a boon, a card or an omen (important for later).
The initial objective for the players is to explore as many rooms as they can and find as many beneficial items as they can before the haunt begins.


Every time the players find an omen they will have to do a "haunt roll". If the roll is less than the total number of omens the players have drawn so far then the Haunt begins and the gameplay changes. What happens in the Haunt depends on the character who "triggered" it, the room he was in, and the omen that caused it.


When the haunt begins then the players get new objectives that they will have to complete and usually one of them will become a traitor, or monsters and a boss encounter will appear.

Whichever side manages to complete their objectives wins.


With a horror b movie aesthetic with a dash of Scooby Doo thrown in the mix, the artwork in my opinion is perfectly immersive. Equal parts spooky and cartoonish everything in the game helps set the scene perfectly.

Additionally the room tiles are drawn in a perfect balance of good visuals and practical use. This means that despite the, often gruesome, details of some tiles, you will always have clear indicators of what exactly is where, which comes in handy as you wont have to constantly pick up a tile to inspect it to figure out what is going on and where you have to go.

Finally, the miniatures are simple but colorful, adding to that B-movie vibe.

In my opinion this is an aesthetically pleasing game, which, as we all know, is a very important aspect of board games.
After all, good art is what separates board games from bored games.


Final Thoughts

I love this game. The procedural generation of the gameplay is both unique and intriguing to me Add the fact that they bothered to add flavor text to set the mood is perfect for someone who enjoys dabbing into role-playing every now and then.

Overall Betrayal is a perfect game for like minded individuals that want to get their Scooby-Doo or B-movie groove on, and is one of those games that the more players on the board the funner it gets.

Perfect for Halloween, dark stormy nights and off course challenge sessions in which you play betrayal on the house on the hill in a house on a hill.

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