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Tussle of Beverages

Now this is a proper relaxing Tussle guys! Put some water on a boiler, prepare yourselves for a relaxing drink, because today we will have the two most famous exotic drinks in a fight for their lives! Our contestants are famous, have a significant history, some parts of it dark (like the drinks they are famous for) and both are highly addictive substances. Our contestants will be judged based on

A: Widespread Use.

B: History.

C: Health Benefits.

D: Fun Facts.


Found in the Amazon basin, Cocoa trees come in three varieties though only one is the one people often associate with it. Cocoa was famous for allegedly being used as currency from the Maya and by being the main ingredient in the world's favorite sweet: chocolate. With rumors circulating that cocoa production is at crisis levels as it cannot sustain the world's demands, the stakes are high for this popular tree! Will that be enough for it to win the tussle?

Widespread Use: 10/10. In every corner of the world, Cocoa is used as a beverage, and chocolate is the most common thing found in, I think, every single nation.

History: 9/10. A not so pleasant history, Cocoa was brought to Europe by the Spaniards after their, VERY questionable conquest/exploration of South America. Reading about Cocoa is an interesting enough, however a lot of dark things are associated with it, from the slaughter of the Aztecs, to allegations of child slavery.

Health Benefits: 7/10. In all honesty, there are plenty of articles about the health benefits of Cocoa, however due to the fact that this is the internet, I am not sure which ones to believe and which ones are kind of bullshit. Either way, the taste is good, its relaxing and it is known to produce endorphins related to pleasure, so I guess that's good enough!

Fun Facts: 4/10. I did not found many facts about cocoa that are actually interesting. Aside from it being used as currency from the Maya (and maybe Aztecs) and the fact that it was said that Montezuma II and his court drank about 2000 portions of cocoa every day.

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The most common pick me up found throughout the world, many cannot "function" without having a cup of coffee at the start of the day. Is it addiction or is it a natural effect? Whatever the case, nobody can deny the amazing aroma that fills a room when fresh coffee is being brewed. But, will this historical beverage be able to win the Tussle? Lets find out!

Widespread Use: 10/10. Most people do not even begin their day before coffee. Nuff said.

History: 10/10. Holy shit, coffee has a rich history. First brewed by the Arabians around the 15th century historically speaking, however it is agreed that certain tribes in Ethiopia discovered the stimulant powers of coffee beans earlier than that. With plenty of interesting things to read, I will link up the wikipedia article here.

Health Benefits: 7/10. A well known stimulant, coffee is a double edged sword. Much like any stimulant, careless use of it will get you addicted to it, and taking in a bit too much caffeine may have a negative impact on your health. That said, it is a low risk stimulant and one that is easy to regulate, as such it is a well worth, well versed stimulant that can help with day to day life.

Fun Facts: 8/10. Found in Africa and a substance known for quite some time, there are as many fun facts about coffee as there are ways to brew it. My personal favorite is that Dungeons and Dragons has a spell in which the wizard has to eat a coffee bean to get effects that are very similar to the effects Coffee has on people.

And The Winner Is:


Starter of revolutionary wars, tea brought the British Empire's economy to its knees. Tea is as wide spread as chocolate, has caffeine levels similar to coffee and with equal variety and flavor to boot. Used from ceremonious purposes to just flat out just having a hot beverage, tea is the most versatile of hot beverages. With undeniable uses in herbal preventative medicine, there are varieties to help you cope with minor health issues ranging from boosting your immune system, to helping you sleep.

Regardless of tea's clear superiority, all three of our contestants are enjoyable and healthy. And off course, best served hot.

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