Command And Conquer: Red Alert 2

Oldies But Goldies

One of the most iconic and hilarious series of strategy games ever, Red Alert is set in an alternative universe in which rather than Hittler we had Stalin trying to conquering Europe. With the Allies being victorious, they install a puppet leader of the Soviet Union, called Alexander Romanov, who at first seems to do as he is told, but insists that his expansion of military is for "defense purposes". Naturally, as the game decides to go fuck all, balls to the wall nonsense, he eventually manages to INVADE THE UNITED STATES, with the help of his, and I quote, leader of the Soviet Psychic Corps, Yuri, helping him blow up nukes. So yeah, it all goes uphill from there!


Anyone that has played any Westwood strategy game knows how to play this game. Its a basic base builder, with new technology, buildings and units unlocking after you fulfill their requirements by building what they need. Aside from that, its the usual strategy thing. You have a very basic set of counters, and ultimately infantry suck balls in the end game. With some out of this world cliche units for all factions and some interesting designs, this game is one of the most fun old school Westwood strategies and hands down deserves the attention.

Soundtrack/Sound Design

Well, lets be honest here, Red Alert has one of the most iconic strategy soundtracks in gaming history. Being an old game, the sound department does feel out-dated, but in all honesty, it is still pretty fun to listen to all the voice lines and wacky accents. That said, I have to admit, that I believe that the Soundtrack is in fact the weakest element of this game, as personally, I got bored of it rather quick. Sure it has some amazing clips, but ultimately it is not up to my tastes, sorry guys!

Graphics and Animations

Despite being an old game it is rather nice looking. The animations and colors are still vibrant and easy on the eyes, with rather fun animations. Now what completely wins, is the AMAZING GOD TIER cinematics. For some reason, that I do not understand, they have stopped doing those extremely cheesy over the top scenes with -real- actors in between the missions. They, were and still are the best, and I will fight any one that does not think so.

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