Dixit: Game Board Madness

Dixit: The Art-iest of Board Games

Dixit is a game of imagination and creative thinking. The task is to be the player with the most points by the end of the game.
How you do that? By giving a description for your card that is simple and creative enough that someone gets to pick it, but at the same time, vague enough so that not -everyone- does.

The game has a number of abstract paintings, much like Mysterium did, and each player has a hand of them. They will take turns and in every round one player is supposed to be the "caller" or whatever he/she is called. They will have to decide which card they will put face down, and give the players a description for that card with one word.

For example, you can put down a picture with a bird sitting on top of its cage and say "freedom". The other players must then pick a card from their own hand that best matches the word and place it face down on the pile. Then they shuffle the cards and open them all face up for the players to see.

After that, every player but the one that gave the description must vote on which card they believe is the one the "caller" picked. In our case, the bird on top of its cage.
The tricky part is that the "caller" wants his card to be found, but not by everyone. Every player gets a point if they pick the right card and the caller gets 2 in total. However, if -all- players find the card, then the caller gets no points.

So, the objective is to have your card be discovered by few, not many, all the while picking the right cards yourself all the time. Additionally, if someone picks your card, you get an additional point, which means that if you chose the right card, and another player picked your card from the pile, you -also- get 2 points.


Much like Teoh's amazing creations you see in our banner images, the game has fantastic artwork with multiple layers on each card. Colorful and weird, psychedelic and often childlike, each card is masterfully made in such a way that the same card may mean multiple things and invoke multiple emotions. The artwork is drawn in such a way that it truly reminds you of a children's book

It is one of those games that you may want to buy just for the way it looks. In addition, with its colorful style and sturdy materials it is a game for all ages. Personally, I do not like that style particularly much. I wont deny that they are indeed amazingly drawn pictures, but both the theme and the style, is something I am not very much interested in. Looking too much like a kid's book or a fairy tale, I lean more on the artwork of games like Mysterium with a more "dark", "spooky" or "gothic" style.

Maybe its something about the lines, or the materials used for the drawings, but I am not that much of a fan.

"You may love them now, but after a few rounds of gameplay you will hate those pictures"

"Something is slightly off in this picture"

"We were not kidding on the -weird- part of the pictures"


Short answer is, I like this game. It is easy to understand, enjoyable to play and innocent enough to be easy to play with kids and fellow adults alike.

Long answer, well it is a bit more complicated than that. Do I like this game? Yes! Do I want to play it with everyone? Hell no!

You see, this game has a unique way of showing how someone's brain works in certain aspects of life, and after playing a few games with two of my friends (Irene and Aphrodite), who will not be named, I have decided to absolutely, under no circumstance, under penalty of death, ever, play with them, -ever-, again.

Why is that? Because they both would pick the most abstract, bizarre, illogical, weird, out of this world words to describe their cards. I am talking insane asylum level of connection here, and the worst part of it all?

They got each other. Which means, that when one of the two crazy bitches (don't judge, I love them both immensely shut up), would pick a word like "Prison" to describe a fucking, smiling scarecrow, in the middle of a blooming, sun bathed valley, instead of losing and not getting ANY point like the lunatics they are to pick a word for something like that, they both got the maximum amount of points, because for SOME reason they understood how each other thought and they always. ALWAYS, would pick the correct card, while the other would get points, because one of us would pick their card, which. BY THE WAY, would be normal, like a caged bird, or someone with chains or whatever.

I cant even. Anyway. God dammit friends who will not be named (Irene and Aprodite), I still have nightmares about that game.

Rant aside, the game requires imagination and an open mind. If you do not bring those on the table, then it would be best you walk away.

(P.S even though it was for comedic purposes, I kind of feel bad calling my friends bitches. Shout out to Irene and Aphrodite, I love you both, sorry for cursing!)

In Conclusion

Dixit is a hilarious game that will make sure you all have fun while playing it, regardless of age. As the phrase goes, the more the merrier in this weird game of trying to figure out how your friends think. You will be surprised to find out that they are as much of a psycho as you are, even if that is on a much different way.

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