Firefly VS Fireflies

Space Tussle

Romantic, beautiful and one of the most iconic bugs in, maybe ever, will have to go toe to toe with one of the most beloved (and slightly underground) Science Fiction series, gifted to us by the mind of Josh Whedon. One might argue that those two things have 0 similarities. and those people are correct, but they must also be new here, as we all know that those trifles matter not to the Tussle. Today our contestants will be judged based on:


A: Glow

B: Visuals

C: Fanbase

D: Fame


So, without further ado! Lets get to it!


With only one season, a film and a few comics, Firefly is a beloved science fiction show that is basically a space western. throughout the series we follow the life of the crew of the Firefly ship called "Serenity", captained by Malcolm Reynolds. With every crew member having their own unique personalities, a well written story, charm only found in them good old westerns and amazing characters, it is no wonder the show rendered such enthusiastic crowds. Despite all that, the series got cancelled, much to the dismay of its fans. Will this be enough to win the Tussle?

Glow:10/10. Named after its contestant, the ship is called serenity due to the light it emits from its butt when it engages its hyperdrive. I am sorry little bugs, but you cannot compare to a space ship's light. 

Visuals: 7/10. Sadly, not only is the show old (it ranged from 2002-2003), but it had a small budget, and as such the cgi is not good. That said however, the set, costumes and scenes are amazing!

Fanbase: 10/10. No one can doubt that the fanbase of Firefly is passionate, enthusiastic and excitable. Meeting anyone that seems to know of the show with glee, I have never met a friendlier fanbase.

Fame: 4/10. Sadly, it is not a famous show. Both due to its niche target audience and its short lifespan the amount of people that know and have even seen the show are dwindling.


One of the most iconic bugs, well known and beloved, this family of beetles (yes really) this unique bug has a bio luminescent butt that can be used for basically getting laid. Yes. really. Found in temperate and tropical areas, fireflies despite beautiful are facing declining population as they require their light to mate, and light pollution is a legit threat to them and as such numerous researches are done. That will not save them from this Tussle, the show must go on.


Glow:9/10. Wont lie, I am a sucker for bio luminescence and fireflies are the patron mascot of creatures with bioluminescence. With fond memories during my early childhood summers, fireflies are indeed beautiful and majestic a-f. Shame they cannot compare to SPACE LUMINESCENCE.

Visuals: 10/10. Truly a wonder to behold, anyone that has a chance to observe colonies of fireflies during their mating season should seize the opportunity to do so. With various species having different types of glow patterns and shine, they really are majestic a-f.

Fanbase: 2/10. Lets be honest here, there are not many people that are going to wear t-shirts with fireflies, or even massive gatherings of firefly (not the show) fans.

Fame: 10/10.Well, it is one of the few bugs that every person loves, so...nuff said.



Technically this means Firefly (the show) wins, but I had to take the moment to talk about the movie. Tying in a few loose ends and delivering an epic, emotional and well made story this is easy one of my top favorite ships. With amazing music, surprisingly good performances and updated visuals, the movie focuses on one of the greatest mysteries of the series, and finally gives us proper closure on our beloved crew.

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