Daily Tussle

As you may have noticed, Tussle Association has been moved to every Friday. As such, we should honor that, by placing our most beloved day with off course, the only other thing named after Friday we can think of. TGI Fridays (Lawsuit Incoming).

I do not think there is more to say in terms of introduction, lets make it happen folks. We will judge our contestants based on:

A) Marketability 

B) Popularity

C) Profit

D) Feel


T.G.I Fridays

TGI Fridays is a popular restaurant chain that focuses on casual dining. With an "American Roadie" vibe and numerous establishments around the globe, most people would know about Fridays by now. Being one of the first establishments to feature the likes of "events" like "Ladies Night", they have even managed to be included in a few movies now and then. But will this be enough for our contestant to survive the arena? Lets find out:

Marketability: 8/10. With a well established and known brand, it is fair to assume that very few places would not know what a T.G.I Fridays is.

Popularity: 5/10. Contending with the likes of Applebees, Cheesecake Factory and other non - U.S.A similar establishments, though T.G.I Fridays is a recognizable, it does not mean that it is the top pick by most people.

Profit: 8/10. Well lets be honest, opening a T.G.I Fridays in a good location means you are guaranteed to profit from it. Even as a customer, you can rest assured you will receive one of the best chicken fingers the world has to offer.

Feel: 5/10. Eating in a Fridays restaurant has its own unique feel, true, but at the end of the day, its not exactly a life changing experience. That said, you will leave happily fed, and probably boozed up, or at -least- refreshed.



One of the most beloved days of the week, Friday signals the end of the working week, is a prelude to the Weekend (not the artist) and is known as one of the two days people let loose and blow off steam in preparation for the next working week. But here in the Tussle Association, we do not show mercy. Let the Arena decide.

Marketability: 1/10. With so many cards, "feel good" quotes, "motivational posters" or whatever, you do not need to market the best day of the week, and yet people still try. This makes the entire "brand" of Friday an annoying mess, full of desperate and cringe worthy attempts to steal cheap attention. (....This post is not like that ok?)

Popularity: 10/10. Well what is there to say? Best day of the week.

Profit: 2/10. Well to be honest, most people don't make much profit at Friday. On the contrary, most people spend money in this, the best of days.

Feel: 10/10. The feel of anticipation for Friday is legendary. Easy top five things every single human being has in common is waiting for this day to come.



The one true winner of this entire tussle, lets be honest. Be it posters, restaurants, happy hours, people going out or just sad lonely people totally not writing articles about supposed Tussles, people love spending money on Friday.

Most people have Saturdays and Sunday's off, however they still have to go to work on Friday, which oddly enough is to its benefit. Since people are already out, most tend to hit the bar or whatever, either with their co-workers or with their friends who are also working.

After all, when you wake up in the comfort of your home after a long week, who has time to go outside on a Saturday?

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