That Time With The Medkits

When Bill and Maria invite you to play Fortnite, what one simple Walnut thought, was fun times with friends. He was not prepared for open warfare the likes of which were never seen before. Parents were orphaned, children were confused, society kept on going, in this night of terror

The Scene

Starry eyed. Young. Full of energy and hope. Those were the traits we had as we prepared to board the party bus and be dropped in the island of Fortnite (?).

Sargent Bill rallied us with a speech, about how we should stick together, it is all about teamwork etc. You know, proper leadership stuff. Naturally we were excited to be part of the glorious team of three when we boarded the party bus.

Checking our gear, making sure we did not forget anything, we strapped our seatbelts and danced to the music. It was a good night. A pleasant night. We would be having only fun and good times. Yet, as me and Maria were all too excited, Bill was....quiet. He simply stared ahead, a thousand yard stare, as he started to grow increasingly nervous, staring at the map. We thought it was just fatigue from his day working. We should have known better

The Drop

As it happens sometimes 100% of the time, as soon as we jumped from the party bus, we did not hear Bill screaming orders as to where we should drop. So me and Maria landed way out of the drop zone. Thankfully it was in a small suburban area, so there was still hope for us finding supplies. I might have not played a battle royale prior to this moment, but I was not a rookie when it comes to survival games. First task me and Maria had to do, was to find a weapon. Second task? Find Bill.

We opened the door to an abandoned house and rushed inside. It would be safer there. Already we could hear gunshots over at the distance, and the storm was gathering on the horrizon. As I looked around the house, I managed to find a pistol and five bandage kits. Score! All you need to survive in this game is having any weapon possible and ways to heal yourself right? I was the king of the world. Nothing could go wrong. And maria managed to find a shotgun and MORE bandages? Psh, this would be a breeze.

I should have known. I should have known there, that something was wrong. Maria's voice, was coming out a bit robotic and delayed. I would often see her stare outside a window, before teleporting five meters to the right. I should have known that was a sign of doom. But instead, all I thought was "Oh cool, Maria now has magic powers. There is no way we wont outlast our enemies". I was a young fool back then.

Regardless, we were feeling pretty good about ourselves, so me and Maria did the mandatory high fives and went out to find Bill

Regrouping: The Horror begins

With spirits high finally found Bill. He was not too far away, and we managed to find him. Immediately I realized how not only we were not in a good spot, but we were actually quite screwed. You see, me and Maria were both only carrying a single weapon, of the simplest quality, so naturally when we saw Bill rushing to us, with two machine guns signed by Rambo one his hands, a grenade blessed by the pope and a shotgun with 11 barrels, we knew that we were not in the good spot we thought we were. But hey, at least we had medikits!

As the veteran soldier and leader of our group, Bill helped us find weapons and ammo. But around that time, we received a notification on our gps devices, that the storm would be approaching, and we had to make a run for the circle of safety. A good thing right? Apparently not! Because as Bill explained, the circle would be the destination of everyone. And the smaller it got, the less areas to hide we would have. Bloodshed would be inevitable.

On our way towards the safety circle, we managed to come up with actually good gear. But as we did, the signs of devastation and death started to creep on us. Large empty expanses, torn down and destroyed buildings, some even recent, the remains of makeshift fortifications littered with the debris and salvage of combat.

And to make things worse, Maria turned out to not have magic powers, but instead she had an incurable disease. With Maria starting to feel the effects of her so called "Bad Internet" disease, me and Bill decided to play it safe, and go through the marshes to avoid any potential enemy. But as we walked, we could not escape that bloody silence. The ear piercing, horrifying silence. As we walked through a bog, I clutched my scoped assault rifle tight, following Bill. At this point, the distant sound of gunfire was a pleasant shift. Anything but that damn silence.

The Shack in the Hills

When we left the marshes, we saw a small wooden shack on the top of the hill. As we desperately needed a shower, and the shack seemed to have been left alone, we decided it was a good idea to head there. At best, it would be full of chests, supplies and maybe even better weapons. At worse it offered cover until the safety circle shifted again. The downside however, was that it was situated on top of the smaller of three hills, a good place for an ambush, as we had no visibility as to what was hiding behind the hills.

Maria by now, started to become one with the Matrix. Her voice would come out distorted and robotic, and she would teleport short distances around us every now and then. Me and Bill had to not only keep an eye out for enemies, but also protect her. Right now we were effectively one soldier down, but we would not give up. Hector Fren depended on us. As we walked in through the door, we split up to swiftly clear the shack of any valuables. Then I heard it

"Uh oh, guys coming from the hill guys, take cover!"

shouted bill, as he loaded his rifle, and took cover.
"Where?" I said, popping my head fully out of cover. Bill managed to barely pull me back before the hail of suppressive fire tore through the walls around us.

It was by divine miracle that the entire wall was destroyed save the small wooden area around the window we took cover from.

"Phew! That was close" I said. However as I did the breath from my words knocked down our cover, and there we were, facing 2 heavily armed enemies.

We used all of our elite expert training. I would shout and open fire, aiming down the sights. Maria would rush and shoot at them up close with a shotgun. And as we both missed -every- bullet, Bil would move in, kill them both and regroup with us.

It worked every time 25% of the times. Like clockwork

Our celebration was cut short, as we realized that in the firefight, Maria was hit severely. What tipped us off was parts of her spleen hanging from the couch as well as her lower body we found on the adjacent room. Thankfully I had all the bandages on me, so all it took was a bit of bandaging and she was back to normal. Well, normal-ish, considering her Network illness.

The lake: Our last stand

With Bill pulling bits of shrapnel from his kneecaps, Maria dragging using a bandage sling to carry her lungs and me, slightly spooked by the conflict, we made our way to the safety zone, now dangerously small. It was clear the showdown of the last survivors would be a few kilometers from us. In the Lake.

By some lucky twist of fate, we were the first people on the scene, so we set up our defensive positions expertly, behind a dumpster and some makeshift paper walls we built. The possition was perfect, right next to a concrete fort, with parapets, cover and windows that one -could- use as a defensive position, but that would be -too- obvious.


There, as shown bellow, I expertly used my bandages and medikits to heal everyone back to not-bleeding-from-the-eye-sockets status, all the while feeling rather good about our odds

"Guys, I know its super obvious, but aren't concrete walls way better than a small wooden fence when it comes to cover?"

We heard Maria say. We could not flaw that particular logic at that time, as enemies were upon us. The fierce battle was waged at range at first, with yours truly (ME!), using my scoped rifle to take down two of them. Just as I turned to gloat, I saw Maria down, shot approximately 76 times, and her network only got worse, as me and Bill heard the dreadful sound of someone dropping off Discord call.

I used bandages, I wept over her lifeless body, but alas, bandages cannot heal a broken internet connection. And so with bullets flying all over us, we had to leave her behind, as we ran to our cover.

"Oh no, they have a rocket launcher" Bill said.
"They do?" I said, once more peeking out of cover.

Turns out they did. I was instantly sold to the idea since as I peeked out of cover I came face to face with three things
a) 2 of our enemies rushing towards us
b) A dude with a scoped assault rifle emptying his clip towards my face.
c) A rocket saying hi inches from my face.

When the dust settled, my screen briefly focused on the ashes of where I used to be, before it shifted to Bill, who was at that time, trying to avoid two separate teams fighting each other -and- us.

However, this was not going to be our night, and I did not even have time to cheer him on as a ghost before they dropped him.

Silence in the chat.

"Welp! Should we do another one?"

I heard bill say.

"I hate this game..."

I said, as I pressed accept.

Maybe next time we would do better. Maybe.

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