When Sonic the Hedgehog got us pizza


The Scene

Playing online competitive games always has its ups and downs. As they are heavilly reliant on the current "meta" as well as a number of variables never in your control (other players) that can lead to both some empowering moments, when you manage to outsmart your opponents as well as some very infuriating moments when a single person ruins the game for everyone

Playing with friends is the only way to have guaranteed fun in those games. Win or lose, despite the odds, you will have a laugh about it, or at least share the frustration.
Sometimes however, you are the one wanting to ruin someone's day. It is even better when one of your friends joins in with the exact same intent.


League of Legends is one said game. A very popular game and among the ones that helped E-Sports into popularity, me, Bill and a couple of our friends used to form a team of five. We had our ups and downs, but it was not until we found out about a place called Sonic's Pizza, that we got way serious about it

With one of our favorite mascot appaeared to be in a pizza place somewhere in Athens, the stakes were too high. We needed to try that place. But then we all -had- to agree that we would -only- eat from that pizza place if we won a series of matches.

The matches were played, and we were almost there. Our one true goal. Sonic's pizza! One victory away from delicious lactose intollerant pain for me!

So naturally we lost, and our hopes and dreams were crushed in a single moment. Disheartened, demoralized and other negative words starting from D (dont go there) we were about to just log off and go to sleep. Bill, as a true team leader was not done yet however and roused us with a speech worthy of kings

"Ok, one last one. If we win, I will get Stamatis and come pick you each up and we will go eat Pizza Sonic"

The Match

Usually, we go for "tactics". "Counterpick", use "effective synergies" and "have a balanced team". Not this time. This time we just picked the hardest hitting people we knew how to play.

We were no longer playing to win. We were playing driven by pure bloodlust. The stakes were too high. There would be no tactics, no surrender. We would quench our hunger in Sonic's Pizza, or we would -DIE-
(Go to sleep, but you know. Stakes are high etc)

The match was long, gritty, bloody. But we did not play as humans. We played like -gods- (not really)

Probably for the first and ONLY time in my history of playing that game, I would actually do my role properly. I would counter jungle, deny farm, gank properly. But for every thing I did well, my team-mates were not only keeping up, but setting an example to follow.

Makes sense, since we were not driven by the need to play, but by the need to eat sweet sweet Sonic Pizza.


With overwhelming force and the power of Sonic's inspiration, our enemy crumbled. We exchanged various congratulations, laughed, send virtual bro hugs and hi-fives, you know the drill. Just as we were starting to calm down, we heard Bill on Skype.

"Right, so John, get ready will be by your house in 20"

Was he serious? were we actually going to do it? HELL to the YES.


The Quest

True to his word, Bill and Stam came to my house first, picked me up, then we went over to get Nick. Lina sold us out and stayed home to sleep, but either way, we were going to get some well earned Sonic's Pizza

Spirits were high! We were all super excited, despite the late hour (one hour to midnight) we were all drunk from both the victory and the knowledge we would finally try out Sonic's Pizza, until:

"What if it turns out to be really shitty pizza?" one of us said.

We all froze for a moment, mostly because we were caught in a red light, but still.

"Even if it tastes shitty, the sweetness of our victory will make up for it" was the response to that.

Fair enough!

After becoming lost for a good fifteen minutes after we set up GPS, we realized we did not do any research on the place aside from the fact that it was named after Sonic as well as its address.

Then we finally made it. A small neighborhood place, Sonic's Pizza did not offer much in terms of visuals. Same wooden surface as most pizza places, the only thing thing making it any different from other pizza places, at least when it comes to presentation was a plushie of Sonic hanging from a wall. But, it did not matter. The quest was done

Sonic's Pizza

The first thing you guys -have- to realize is that Sonic's Pizza place is a delivery pizza place and NOT a "come over here and eat" pizza place.

So imagine their response when four grown bearded men walked into the shop, late at night and with booming voices announced

(Our actual words were "Hello! We would like to have some Sonic Pizza")

To their credit they -really- wanted to help us. They were more than glad to make said pizzas, but unfortunately they had no place for us to sit to actually do that. And considering how we all came from the other side of Athens, taking the pizzas as a takeout was out of the question.

A simple solution was found. We would just put them on the car and eat standing.

We ordered I think two to three pizzas. I don't remember the exact toppings we picked, but regardless. There we were, laughing our asses off, considering the extremely confused staff still going on about to make the order. They were good sports about it though, they let us take a few pictures with Sonic, made the pizzas and bid us goodnight. The gif to the left indicates their overall response as we left -perfectly-

The actual fun part though? Sonic's Pizza is still probably one of my all time top 5 pizzas I have eaten in Greece if not the best. Pleasantly surprised by this, we simply had a beer, ate the pizzas and froze our ass off, considering it was dead winter in Greece and the night was windy as all hell.

Then again, I probably remember it like that because the entire night was and is a very fond memory I have. Regardless.

Sadly the team broke up, and no further trips to Sonic's Pizza were done (for now). But the entire night, from the unsteady beginnings to the glorious end, was one to remember.


We do not know why the creepy king/saint picture is above Sonic.

Or why the entire thing looks like an altar. What we -do- care is that over hyped pizza was eaten in good company.
Pizza Sonic.

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