Oldies But Goldies: Amerzone

Point And Click At Its Finest

I confess, I am not a big fan of point and click adventures. They often bore me, confuse me and ultimately annoy me, as they seem to be mostly about figuring out how the developers want you to solve a riddle, rather than actually solving the riddle.

Amerzone is the first game that got me hooked. Set in a fantastical steampunkish version of our world, you take the reigns of a journalist, who wishes to travel to the South American country of Amerzone, a nation with fantastical and unique species of animals, which unfortunately is now under the iron fist of a dictatorship.

As the nameless silent protagonist, we are a journalist who initially wishes to interview a famous scientist/explorer who traveled and discovered many of Amerzone's odd flora and fauna. Without spoiling much, I will say that after that, the plot orients around "The White Birds" a species which the scientist is fascinated by and whose limited range and peculiar life cycle has put them in the brink of extinction.


As a game of the Playstation One era, (late 1990's) the graphics are indeed limited, but they masterfully combine watercolor sketches and beautifully drawn pictures and journals (which the technology then could replicate almost perfectly) with the best 3-D graphics could offer back then. What completely wins over the Graphical parts of the game however, in my opinion, is the intense visualization and superb style of the game. Even as someone who is often bored by those games, I was drawn in by the sheer beauty of the world displayed to me, and the mystery and sense of adventure the game projects. Even to this day, I still think the game looks -good-.

Sound and Music

Soundtrack wise, I will flat out say, its nothing interesting, moving on.

The sound design of the game is what you would expect from such games. It conveys the theme, mood and feel of each area you are in perfectly, but admittedly they are nothing to write home about. With voice acting that is at the very least clear, so you know what the hell is going on, great cutscenes (for the time), there is not much else to say on the sound design.


The story of the game is its triumphant feature. Yes it might be a bit linear and "easy" for the more hardcore fans, but in my honest opinion it is just perfectly balanced. It is a game that is meant to be played for the story and as such the difficulty of the game is more to provide challenge and entertainment than get in the way of you enjoying, said story.

With the plot being presented mostly through journals and cutscenes, I have to admit, I love it to death. I will not say more, so as to not spoil the game in any way, instead, I strongly recommend you enjoy the game yourselves.

Final Thoughts

Great story, amazing aesthetics, good cutscenes, awesome steampunkish elements. A must have for every lover of point and click adventures, this game is a hidden gem, that is at -least- worthy to stand among the greats of the time. Myst, Atlantis even Siberia.

My advice? Get this game, immerse yourself in Amerzone, and have a blast!

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