Oldies But Goldies: Knights Of The Old Republic.

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Knights Of The Old Republic

Today we go into a galaxy far far away folks! From the studio that made Neverwinter Nights  and would go ahead to become a legend with Dragon Age and Mass Effect comes Knights Of The Old Republic. An rpg that has many similarities with Neverwinter Nights, but a LOT of improvements set in the Star Wars universe, it stands as one of the best single player role playing games in the PC to this day. And yet as days go by, less and less seem to know about it.

Due to its obvious age, as well as the waves of remasters, many seem to give them a pass, instead prefer the better looking modern rpg games. Today we will draw the attention to those games, as they are indeed amazing


A significant upgrade from the rpg games of that time, the graphics still hold on to this day. Though appearing clunky and a bit weird at times, but the animations are solid the maps and areas are still amazingly well built and the game has this charm that can only be seen in Star Wars.

Another thing worth mentioning is the animations that bring the universe to life. From the intuitive HUD, to the greatly animated attacks both with melee and with ranged weapons, making it feel less a role playing game and more a sort of an interactive movie.

Sound And Music

Although the game is not only adept, but pretty amazing in this department, it -does- have a strong licence to draw from. The voice acting is good, the music is superb, very Star Wars-esque and the sound is basically everything you would expect from a Star Wars themed game.

Sadly this means there is not much to talk about, after all, though amazing, they do not really go above and beyond.


The meat of the game, the story takes us way back into the age in Star Wars , where Jedi and force sensitives were on their zenith. According to the movies, even before the rise of the Clone Wars, the galaxy was in a form of decline. They spoke about the "golden ages" when Jedi and Sith were in high numbers, etc etc. This is the time we visit, and it. is. amazing.

The story is well written, with characters that are fun and interesting and with a number of twists and moral connundrums that will put the player at pause more often than not. Because of the story, those games are given a legendary status among fans, and with good reason.

I will not spoil anything, I will only encourage you to try it out

Final Thoughts

Great graphics, amazing story, ok music. The game is clearly one that is carried by the characters and story, and less so by the licence and the theme. Using the mythos of the Star Wars universe as best as possible (Arguably better than George Lucas) and with charismatic and seasoned studios handling its production the games stand the test of time and are worthy of the time any fan of RPG and Star Wars could spare.

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