Oldies But Goldies: Taz Eats Everything

Taz in "Escape From Mars"

What can I say folks, we are on the 90's Sega Genesis train so lets get to it! The Loony Tunes are a popular franchise that has seen its fair share of Movie and game adaptations. Some for better, others for not so better, today we will discuss a game focused around everyone's favorite devil, Taz. In this game you take the role of Taz as he is abducted by the Martians and is put into a Zoo. Naturally, Taz will go to every length imaginable, eat -everything- in his way, in order to get back. Have fun!


Like most games in the early ages of gaming, guess what? This one is an action platformer. As such, the game features pretty basic stuff. You have a few ways to interact with the environment, the motions are fluid and capture the way Taz moves around in the loony tunes shows and the boss fights are overall adequate.

Its not a major groundbreaking game of its time, but it does what it does in a pretty adequate way. Its just...ok.


The visuals of this game are pretty nice. Oddly enough I find that most Loony Tunes games have great visuals. They did a great job with the backrounds and level design, making it a visually pleasing, colorful title, without being exhausting to the eye. The animations do feel clunky at times, however considering its the 90's its to be expected.


Well, this is not one of the games strong suits, basic sound effects, basic music, its passable, but it is no way near the levels of Hook, Gargoyles or Sonic. Overall I would say that, in this, as with most things, Taz is in passable.

Final Thoughts

Overall this game is a fully average game. But why is it in the Goldie section? Because, despite the fact that this game does not ace anything in particular its still a fun little Retro title. With a lovable character, a simple story and a colorful design, I would say this game deserves at least one playthrough

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