Destrega, by Gaming Wallnut

Hello everyone. It is I, master Gamer Wallnut presenting a series in which we (meaning I) talk about old games that I like. Today we will talk about a game that somehow managed to remain unnoticed by many of my generation and is, without a doubt, a hidden gem.

Re-introducing: Destrega


Magic Fighting Game you say?

So, if I came to you and asked if you wanted to make a fighting game like Tekken or Street Fighter, but it would be a 3d fighting game where you lob spells at each other by combining the buttons to create various effects what would you say? What if I told you that if your spells failed, you could then run up to the person and beat him or her (yaaay feminism) with the fury of a bunch of first graders playing soccer? What if I told you this game already exists?

Now that I got your attention, Destrega was a fighting game created by Koei that incorporated a simple rock,paper, scissors type of gameplay, where you would combine your “magic” attacks to create spells to throw at your opponents stupid face. With a sizable roster, classic Japanese anime style characters and pretty decent camera control (for its time)


I will level with ya folks. Never gave a damn about its story. I guess it had something to do with X chosen of Y prophecy, some guy was evil or whatever. You know the drill by now. Point is, I found myself playing it on repeat just so I could check all the characters and their visuals. Apparently every character not only had different looks, but also their spells were -widely- unique. There I was expecting to have the usual, fast spell, heavy spell, aoe spell, I ended up playing with characters that felt unique and fresh no matter how many times I would replay whatever campaign or story mode each of them had. But, alas, around this part was when the first flaws started to creep in


Replayability? More like…seeyalaterbili….whatever, game has little replayability ok?

Yup. Unfortunately, while the game must have been super awesome to play vs friends, i noticed that even in the hardest of difficulty, the story mode had only a handful of missions, which were just….a bit too easy after you figured out the (very) predictable AI’s weakness and spammed the same magic combo over and over. Truth be told, the game had solid ideas, but the execution, as always with solid ideas, was not perfect.

To be fair though, it -does- offer some very bold and (in my opinion) innovative modes compared to other fighting games. Like a 6 character brawl, players or AI, which common guys, think of the party game possibilities here.

That said, the story mode and simple fights end a bit too fast for my tastes, there is little actual “struggle” once you master your character and know his moves, not to mention that although the idea of going close and personal to whack each other in the face, sounds awesome, in execution was not that great. There were characters that were -way- better compared to others there, so I guess some characters would want to get up close, but unfortunately the life points needed significant adjustments.


Spell slinging no more

Sadly guys, the franchise begun and died with the Playstation release. Which is quite the bummer because lets be honest, the idea and premise is friggin awesome, but sadly for whatever reason this game seems to have as little info known of it as possible. Granted, I did not exactly “dig in” to find all the details, but one sadly this game did not receive a sequel and was left mostly forgotten.

Surprisingly, even if one opens the Wikipedia page, it has the literal bare bones for this game. Sadly it is one of those awesome Playstation games that never made it big enough to be carried over as a franchise.


The Wallnut’s Opinion

Honestly guys, I love this game. Even with what little it offered, I think the premise, gameplay and ideas in which it is built are solid. It is sad that a truly hidden gem like this did not receive a sequel or an entire franchise but now that I think about it, the Playstation was full of one or two hit wonders that were left forgotten.

With solid graphics (for its time) fun gameplay, interesting modes for the genre and with all the character variety you would want for a group fighting game tournament situation, I would say Destrega is a must play for all you Playstation fans, even if by sheer curiosity for the tittle.

This has been Jo…eeeer The Wallnut, for Coding Jar. Signing off!



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