Robotics: Science Fiction Or Science Now?


Today we will talk about Robots, Boston Dynamics, and how Big Hero 6 was a super prophetic film. From robots mastering the mechanics of movement, to internet memes in the form of youtube videos, Boston Dynamics has risen to be one of the leaders in robotics. Based in Waltham Massachusetts, Boston Dynamics was originally a branch of the M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) it eventually became a subsidiary of a Japanese owned conglomerate, called Softbank Group.

And recently one of their robots is out for purchase. With automation being part of our recent blog posts, from a historical recap to speculations about the future we figured its time we talk about Robotics! And more specifically how:

You can buy this thing!

Robots. Robots Everywhere!

Now that I have your attention, lets see. Where to even begin with this one?! From medical robots that are changing the world, to the "nurses of the future" we have seen robotics give us wonders in the medical science. From patient checking to assistance in surgeries robots are a part of medicare we have all come to more or less accept. Industrial robots rapidly expanding to do the heavy and dangerous work in factories, drones both military and commercial are more and more widespread, bomb defusing robots, it is not uncommon to find articles about the future of automation. To be quite honest, its a surprise we do not have robots in our houses.

OH WAIT WE DO, they are called RUMBAS and they are taking over house cleaning like the Ostrogoths took Rome!

Photo by Arseny Togulev on Unsplash

And that is not even the tip of the iceberg. Boston Dynamics has made the robots of science fiction not only seem plausible, but not too far ahead. As The Verge reports an actual robot can now be purchased and customized for your corporate needs. Now, I know what you are all saying, about how, this is the future for dangerous industrial work that still require human interference, such as checking malfunctioning sensors or pipelines or whatever, but all -I- am hearing is "pet robot".

Photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash

Robot Memes and Robot Fights!

Movies like Big Hero Six or Real Steel draw upon the fantasy of Robot fights. Gritty and violent fights, more akin to the Gladiatorial brutality of ancient Rome than anything a civilized society would approve, those movies employ them as either a means of character development, or an excuse to add gratuitous ultra-violence in PG-13 movies.

What if I told you that robot fights are actually not a thing in science fiction? Robot Combat is actually something that has been going on for years. However, with advances in Robotics, events such as BattleBots are growing in popularity.

And then we have the videos and the memes. From voice overs to edits, and a surprising high coverage of robot battles on youtube, and a very high number of roomba house "fights", I am thinking maybe the time for robo-pets is close at hand.


Final Thoughts

Robotics have long been thought of just large bulky, often immobile pieces of industrial equipment, but are steadily and rapidly are growing to become things that would make science fiction novelists back in the day have a run for their money. With drones, roombas, and the great advances in robotics we can expect to see things that were once debated in movies such as Robocop, Blade Runner or Big Hero 6 be more prophetic than fiction.

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