Rollcage: Oldies But Goldies

I cannot believe I forgot about this game in the Oldies But Goldies series, but here we are. Rollcage is a rather weird racing game set in a sci fi universe. The idea is that you drive cars that have the ability to continue to drive even when flipped over, not to mention they go so fast you can literally race on walls and even on roofs. This flexibility in the way you move around the map makes for some rather interesting level designs and makes the gameplay unique and fun. With weapons added in the mix and some aspects of the levels being destructible, the game is full of speed, chaos and good ol' destructive goodness.


The game is one of those types that do a few things but exceptionally well. Being a small franchise (unfortunately) meant that it does not have the massive variety in levels and cars to choose from. Despite all that, the gameplay is amazing. The driving is fun, with the option to driving on the walls and on the roof, the game does a good job in giving you the sense of speed, making the racing actually very, very fun. In addition, with guns and destructible terrain, the matches feel intense and hillarious. Not to mention that nothing ruins a friendship faster than blowing up the pillars holding a building together, thus dropping said building onto the race tracks directly on your "friend" who was in first place, sending him flying into the air, while you go ahead and win the match.

Finally, with the cars being able to still run even if flipped or going on the walls, the driving feels fantastic. You can do so many interesting maneuvers and take over positions in unconventional ways I guarantee you have not had driving like this in an arcade racer

Soundtrack And Sound

Sound is simple, so I will just go over it real quick. Imagine standard sound and voice acting. Not too great, not too bad. There, done.

Soundtrack however is another beast. The original soundtrack of the game is rather dull, as one would expect, however, I do not know how or why, but the game can literally read any music you put on the disc reader and play music from there. Essentially I managed to play the game, with full on music and sound effects, while I had KISS on the PC Cd port and the game blasted on KISS all throughout the game. Now, I may be a minority here, but I would love to see MORE games do that.


For its era the game looks rather decent. It is not one of the top good lookers of its age, but it is pleasant to see, with colorful levels, interesting skyboxes and some great car and character designs. The game does not overstay its welcome and makes all weapons and warnings clearly visible so as to not tire the player with a barrage of effects and information.

I would say the game looks good, and feels even better playing it.

Final Thoughts

Rollcage is a great game that could have been a fantastic mainstream franchise but sadly was left under the radar. It is a game that keeps on aging, and with more and more HD graphics turning up, it is starting to not age well. That said, it offers great gameplay, split screen, fun levels and the ability to put on your own CD to play music from. I would say this game is a 10/10 oldie but goldie, and with many new games being a decent spiritual successor to the game, I would say this is a great way to get introduced to the craziness.

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