Summertime From Home

Summer Is Here

I never understood the entire hype with Summer. The only good things about it, is swimming in the ocean and Summer Vacation, but since post High School, summer vacation was not a given so aside from Sea swimming, the hype died for me.

Summer is the hottest, most humid time of the year, especially if you live in countries closer to the equator where life practically slows down in a more sluggish pace. With 2020 being pretty much an apocalyptic year, and many considering that maybe its best to stay at home this summer, JAR COMES TO THE RESCUE (sort of)

Step One: Accepting Your Fate

Summer is here. So is pestilence, riots, chaos, heat, new instagram filters, locusts (not even joking), the unstoppable grim reaper: time, sea swimming,  vacation, iced tea, sunsets on the beach and of course, humidity.

Regardless of whether or not you are in a country that is under the threat of Covid 19, traveling is not a very good idea, considering how most countries will require a small period of quarantine to begin with, so here we are!

Whether its work, safety, or the possibility of a recession has kept you in your house this summer, you have to accept your fate. Thinking of what "could" have been is neither productive, neither going to solve your problems. So lets see what you -can- do at home.

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Step 2: Make Summer At Home Work

Yes it really is just a two step program, its not nuclear physics guys! But how -do- you  make it work? Well then my friends, google is your friend, and we here at Jar have talked about what things we think would spice up your summer at home.

First and foremost, food. Whether you are alone, with family, a significant other or just a roommate, trying out new interesting things to eat (or drink) is never a bad idea. With so many cooking recipes available online for free, such as First We Feast's very own website. First We Feast known for its food-related youtube content, offers a variety of recipes and even some for those that want to try their spice tolerance.

I mean, you can only take -so- much take-out right?


Photo by Alex Kotomanov on Unsplash

Food is all good and all, but what about tanning? What about seaside relaxation? Well for those of you that have backyards, there are always inflatable pools, easy alternative to cool down amid the summer heat. And what best to pair it up than with themed coctails? From SyFywire's Geeky Cocktails to even Pinterest offering themed cocktails, there are plenty of ways to get the buzz going in your living room, or back yard.

The next bit was a bit tricky to think about, since well, everyone knows that gaming, be it board games, family games/activities or console/pc gaming is a good way to pass the time. Furthermore, the amount of ways to be more social when gaming have been so overly discussed its pointless. From streaming games on Twitch, to talking with your friends on Discord the means to do that socially is immense.

Hell due to social distancing, you have more than just games available on streams, with many artists, especially musicians taking to streaming platforms to continue practicing their work, earning some money to survive or just extending a branch of entertainment to those in need.


We could not end this article of course without talking about movies. But how do you make movies more "summer-y"? Projectors!

I know its not exactly a new idea, however projectors that can turn a wall, a balcony or hell, even an opposite building, into an impromptu movie theater is literally an amazon search away. And if you want a bonus idea, why not put on your favorite dj or band currently streaming, project them on the wall and have an impromptu dance party!

Buy a few hazmat suits, invite your friends over and boom, apocalypse-party!


Final Thoughts

Summer from home is not an easy period. With so many people manufacturing a "perfect summer times" compilation on social media, those of us that have to stay at home can feel pretty left out. But with any combination of the above, I am sure you can put some sunshine in your daily lives, and realize that the "summer fun times" is not a list of activities as much as it is a state of mind.

Bonus Suggestion:

Combine all of the above AT THE SAME TIME for a night worthy of Vegas.

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