The Final Tussle: Mythology VS Scientology

Final Tussle

This is it folks! The end of Tussle Association. We have pitted everything against everything, and now it is time for the ultimate showdown. Mythology VS Scientology! One: is a creation of the human mind, birthed from eons of human evolution and is spawned by the imagination of humans that has been passed down generation to generation. The other one is Mythology!

Our contestants are going to be judged based on:

A) History

B) Popularity

C) Creativity

D) Following


So without further ado! lets get to it!


Following mankind since inception Mythology is, by definition, stories that are not 100% fabrications of the mind, but are stretched enough that they do not fit into history. Cool as that quote may seem, what it actually means is that in its core, Mythology is mankind trying to explain things that it does not entirely understand. The Trojan war, for example, was a conflict that seemed ridonkulous by that day's standards. Surely that must have mean that even the gods themselves were involved, etc etc. But will mighty heroes and the might of Zeus help in the Tussle? Lets find out!

History: 10/10. Quite frankly, it has been with humanity since before the inception of history. You have stories and characters like Thor, Heracles, Quatzequatl, the Wendigo to name but a few. Best thing mankind made second only to commercial space travel.

Popularity: 8/10. With religion playing a big part in shaping mythology throughout the ages, I will have to say that it has a bit of an odd reputation. Either dismissed as mere fantasy and stories, or just pagan ramblings, it is generally viewed as more a "hobby" than an actual serious study by the general public.

Creativity: 10/10. Have you ever read a single thing about Persian mythology? Nuff said.

Following: 7/10. Lets face it, being a fan of mythology is not gonna give you any street cred. As a matter of fact, it will not give you any form of cred, spare by any given to you by other fellow Mythology nerds. We are few. We are Proud.



A body of religious beliefs founded around 1952, scientology has a mixed reputation of being equally nonsensical and almost cult like in its activities. That said, it boasts to have numerous celebrities signed up with it, and has had its share of numerous controversies. We are not here to talk about those however, what we are here to do, is see if this organisation has enough celebrities to punch Mythology into outer space! Lets find out!

History: 4/10. All things said and done, it has been around for since the 1950's and with all the controversies that have befallen it, it is truly a wonder it is still standing. That said however, it cannot compare to the ageless and almost timeless Mythology.

Popularity: 2/10. Weather we like it or not, Scientology is mostly known through its controversies, and as such it does not have a great amount of following.


Following: 6/10. Well it has people like Tom Cruise among its celebrity followers. So I guess it has enough following to warrant a few interesting things. For example, they also seem to have an entire god damn cruise ship to their name. That said however, I will have to remove 4 points, for the controversies and for the fact they do not have the numbers of faithful followers Mythology has.



Pen And Paper Roleplaying Games!

What has the weird creations and tropes of mythology, allows for immersive storytelling, promotes creativity and allows the participants to add -any- and all elements they want, including scientology?

You guessed it! Roleplaying games. Popularized in the form of DnD (dungeons and dragons) and Pathfinder, role playing games allow the players to create their own characters and live their own adventures.

As the rules not only allow, but they promote creative "bending" of the rules, thus allowing their players to create their own mythologies/worlds/stories and whatever.

As my final parting advice my fellow viewers I will only say this: Find what stimulates your imagination, and let it roam free every once and awhile.

It was a fun run folks! See you around!

Photo by Alperen Yazgı on Unsplash

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