The High Seas: A Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves

A game with a rocky beginning, Sea Of Thieves is an online sandbox action game, in which you create your sailor, pick one of the available ships, and either sail alone or with other players to eventually make your own gameplay.

The game has no campaign or quest system, instead the players have to take voyages from one of the three factions, which will give them specific objectives ranging from ferrying cargo from point X to point Z, hunt down skeleton crews, or seek hidden treasure. That, or you can always just hunt down players and engage in pvp

Naturally, when you only had the above to do, the game did not carry well with people. It was very expensive for what it offered, however, Rare seems to be pouring a lot of work into the game, and now, with a lot of events and updates behind us, the game world has enough to keep you entertained.

Belonging to a roleplaying fleet, work kept us from logging into the game for quite some time, until, last Saturday, after a rather rocky month, we got together to sail.

The Voyage Begins

It is hard to say what exactly our purpose was when we set sail that night. We knew we had to work on doing various challenges to earn commendations for the blue doubloon currency used in events. With a Brigantine stocked to the brim with cannon balls, wooden planks for repairs and the mandatory bananas for health regeneration (AND a healthy diet), we set sail to do minor missions we had found here and there.

Facing choppy seas and the wind that persistently blew against us, we managed to complete a few of the tasks at hand. Braving skeletons with gunpowder barrels, scary falls and snakes, we managed to earn ourselves a healthy amount of loot in the form of treasure chests.

Fortune does not favor the foolhardy, so we decided it would be best if we sold our cargo, lest we have it slip away from us. And then, our journey had us enter the Wilds.


"Not a game for thalassophobes"

"Like this, but with more skeletons and less tentacles"

Marked for Death

There is no way of sailing with me and not find at -least- one shipwreck. And as if on queue, me and Joshua found one, just outside one of the big islands of the Wilds. Halfway through searching it, the music shifted.
A skeleton ship had us on it's sights.

Initially our instinct was to bail. We abandoned the shipwreck, placed the sails to the wind and surged onwards. Like god damn Davy Jones the skeleton ship emerged from the ocean behind us, hot on our tail.

With our feet on the ship, we were no longer sitting ducks, so we could think straight. We had over a hundred cannon balls, around a hundred wooden planks, and a decent amount of bananas.
(Mainly because my motto in sea of thieves is "you can never have too much supplies")

Not to mention we had no loot on the ship, so even if we sunk,it would not mean we lost any amount of in game money.

With a roar from their canon the Skeleton Ship announced it was meaning business, and as the shot whizzed past us (awful shots the undead), a short exchange through voice ensued:

"Fight?" I said
"Fight." Josh replied.

Clashing With The Damned

A roleplay captain and a gunner, our brigantine went from fleeing into battle stations before the skeleton crew had another barrage ready.

Aiming for the deck initially, the first of our volley swiped their deck clean of any undead marauder. With Joshua handling steering and repairs, I had all the time in the world to line up my shots and kindly remind the Skeleton crews what happens when you mess with our chill sailing.

The answer is "exclusively bad things"

The tricky part however, is actually sinking the skeleton ship. They have an endless supply of skeleton crew, as they respawn frequently, so it was only a matter of time before they returned fire, or started to repair the ship.

The good part however, is that skeleton crews may repair the ship, but they do not bail the water, meaning that if you manage to hit it enough times to fill their ship with water, eventually they will sink. Unless you sink first.

But, we had not sailed in quite a bit, and we would have the man known only as Duskwolf join in, so we had no time to waste on Skeletal bullshit.

After unloading a second set of 10 cannonballs up their bony asses, I used two of our special magic cannonballs which would make their ship ride lower on the sea as if half sunk.

Much to my surprise, this in addition to the holes we punched through on their ship, must have triggered them to sink, because just as we were circling about, hiding behind a tall wave, to repair, we saw them lean to the side and go down.

Victory was ours!

"What do you say to Death? Not today"

"The Famous Island Chain of "Nopecanoes Shittyplace"


Regrouping and Pirate Pirating

Was it easier than expected? Yes. Were we complaining? Nope!

We are not people to look a gift horse in the mouth, so without any other ship on the horizon, we promptly looted the hell of the ship and sailed to the nearest outpost to sell our cargo swiftly.

Like I said, we are not to tempt fate.

At this point, Dusk had joined us, so various excitement was displayed. Alas, it was short lived.

As we approached the outpost we saw signs of trouble. Another ship, a two man sloop, was anchored there. Being peaceful buccaneers, we did not wish the person (or people) any harm, so we quietly went on a border pier, our intentions were live and let live.

The sloop's captain however, apparently had a death wish, because he decided that -this- was indeed the time to face a larger ship than his, and opened fire on us.

Naturally, we returned the courtesy by shooting him dead in the face with our rifles, thinking that he would get the memo, and seize this nonsense.

Despite his efforts to surprise us by fake running away, a single man in a one cannon ship, cannot hold his own against three men with a two cannon ship. So we sunk him, and that was that.

The First Megalodon And The Galleon

Sea of thieves can be a rather scary game if you play alone. With three people, the only difference is the amount of times you will pick fight over flight, when it comes to small signs of danger. A foreign ship on the same island as you, a storm, a skeleton ship, those are things you can take on.

Then we heard a low growl from the ocean depths. Naturally, after we changed our soiled pants, we looked around to see what made that noise.

It was a Megalodon, circling our ship.

Since we did not have any loot to lose, and quite high on adrenaline from our mounting victories, we all looked at each other, and decided it was time we had sushi.

Once more filling the ocean with the sound of cannon and pistol fire, the clash with this MAJESTIC bio-luminescent beast took its toll on our wooden planks. Halfway clashing with the megalodon we heard Josh telling us he spotted a Galleon (the largest ship) making a beeline towards us.

Employing evasive maneuvers, we had Dusk focus on repairs, me focusing on shooting -everything- and Joshua keeping us alive. Around this moment he found a way to reach the perfect balance of going slow enough for the Megalodon to charge at us while being fast enough that he would never be able to truly deliver the blow.

"Guys you see him?" He asked us, just as me and Dusk turned around to see the Megalodon charging -right- behind his back, as seen in the picture. Confused as to why we responded to his question by laughing like maniacs, he started to look around, jumping slightly back as he saw the Megalodon breathing on his back (literally).


"Yo. Heard you like sailing peacefully. Shame if something were to happen to that"

"Have at the beast of the depths!"

Making Blackbeard Proud

Getting a few good hits due to this, weird instance, the Megalodon backed away slightly, and it was soon after that it fell dead. However, the Galleon after initially crashing on some rocks and being blown away slightly, was starting to sail toward us again.

Once more, I found myself in a tricky predicament. I was in the middle of the ocean, on a rowboat, full of loot from the Megalodon, so far so good. However, between me and our ship, there was the small issue of a Galleon that was firing at our ship, and would cut me off if I continued the course. Furthermore, just as I thought I could go about it stealthy like, and quietly row towards a spot where I could be picked up, one of the enemy pirates, spotted me, as she had dived in to loot the Megalodon. Thankfully she was a horrible shot, and I lived long enough to go out of her reach, but now, the Galleon shifted its course to cut me off.

A combination of expert navigation by Joshua, Luck, and incompetence of the enemy crew, we managed to regroup and store our plunder in a safe location, just as the Galleon was now giving proper chase.

The Galleon started to pick up the pace. Their captain knew what he was doing to some extend, but he was facing three shipmates that knew how to sail together, hardened by the very Sea of Thieves.

One problem however. We had loot, which meant that a clash with the Galleon was not a good idea. The outpost was nearby, but going there openly would be risky, not to mention, they already know we have a rowboat, so even if we drop a rowboat to go there, they would spot us.

Buccaneering Intensifies

Then we devised a plan. We would circle the outpost, drop the rowboat with one crew, that would head into the outpost to sell our plunder. In the meantime, the rest would continue acting evasive, serving as bait. After we sold the things, we would regroup and decide what to do with the Galleon later.

Being the go-to guy for those type of foolhardy missions, I got on the rowboat, and went on under Josh's orders. The enemy captain was smart. They had moved to intercept us around the outpost isle, and had sent one of their crewmen to patrol the island in case we decided to do exactly what we did.

The plan went off like a charm!

Their crewman shot, our plunder sold, evasive maneuvers succeeded, I rowed our trusty rowboat to the open depths and they picked me up while we sped through the outpost. The Galleon however, continued its chase. At this point however, we had nothing to lose, and the Galleon had continued to display pride and maybe arrogance, as they continued to underestimate us.

It was time to fight, yet again.

This time we returned fire, and used -everything- in our arsenal, from the magical cannon balls we had looted to every cannonball we had in our stock. Relying on our maneuverability and positioning we started to do some serious damage.


"Pew, pew pew pew, PEW"

"You said it Barbossa!"

Then we heard it. Another growl. Another Megalodon swimming at our side, observing the scene. Who I panicked and promptly shot. Who then charged straight at us.

Not one of my best moments, I admit, and one to prove fatal, as we were -very- low on cannon balls, and the Galleon seemed to be hellbent on sinking us. So now we had to fight a -very- angry Megalodon who was starting to ask questions as to the whereabouts of his friend, and a Galleon.

The situation was grim, and fleeing started to be discussed as a rather serious option.

NO! I am a Greek son of the Mediterranean, and one with Islander lineage as well, I would not go down without a fight! As the crew discussed about what we had to do, and considering fleeing both, I suggested a simple yet bold tactic. We focused on the Galleon, and position ourselves in a way that would keep the Megalodon between us and them, thus hoping that one of their strays would hit the shark, pissing it off and taking its focus from us.

The enemy ship did my job for me, as before I even finished the sentence, one of their stray shots hit the Megalodon straight in the face, pissing it off.

Unlike them, we opted from careful fire, and fired from angles that would not risk hitting the great Megalodon, or Meg, for short.

Combining the might of Poseidon's beast and our shots, the Galleon stood no chance, and soon the ship and its crew went off to meet Davy Jones, leaving us to deal with the Megalodon!

The Castilian's Last Stand

This was it! Just us and the beast left, but no sail on the horizon and an outpost close by.

Tired but excited, we threw everything we had left on the beast, shooting it with our pistols, blunderbusses and rifles when we ran out of cannon balls, and eventually the beast went down.

Alas, the game had other plans. Just as we sent our rowboat to claim our rightfully earned loot, the sea went black and another, more deep and ominous growl was heard.

Our ship froze in its place, despite its sails were full to the wind, and no matter how hard I rowed, the rowboat would not move an inch.

Then tentacles, sprouted from the ocean. The Kraken was upon us.

Any of you reading this that plays the game would realize what we realized just then. This was a ridiculous amount of luck (or lack of it) thrown at us just then and there.

And you would be right! This was the thing that made us accept our fate, and join the ferryman on the ship of the dead. We braved the undead, two Megalodon's and hostile crew, but Poseidon finally found our limit, and his mighty claimed our ship, and our loot.

Thus, ends the most epic session of Sea of Thieves I have personally took part on.

Special thanks to Starman Roleplay Gaming for allowing me to share this story with you guys as well as making such a fine crew of privateers possible!

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