Top 10 Pandemic Hobbies

Quarantine, Again!

Well, its pretty official now folks. We have all been in quarantine for a bit too long. And they say that boredom breeds creativity. Or paranoia.
Though the conspiracy theories are a subject for another day, today we will discuss the 10 most popular hobbies picked up during the quarantine.

No1: Watching Shows

In our number 1 position everyone's favorite activity, watching shows and series online. With streaming having grown in popularity over the past years, and "bingewatching" becoming an almost standard way of watching a series, many turned to this medium to spend the time during the long hours of quarantine. No matter what your cup of tea is, there is plenty of options out there: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus to name but a few. One thing is for sure however, that now with all the time spent indoors, many people are taking the time to catch up on their favorite medium of entertainment.

No2: Book Reading

Similar to the above, time indoors gives time for people to catch up on reading. Whether its studying for school, studying a language, or just reading for entertainment, people have taken into books. The hours are long when you have to stay at home, and you can only watch so many series. So, people have kept on reading, started to, or just revisited the habit now.

No.3: Cooking/Baking

Yes. Its true. Baking. They say love goes through the stomach, and many people are either preparing to do some EXPERT level courtship when the quarantine ends, or they just want to make sure they do not murder their loved ones. Jokes aside baking is one of the surprise entries for me. I mean, I understand that cooking has some relaxing properties, and is a great way to show affection for someone. But the amount of people taking up cooking and baking is pleasantly surprising. Maybe its because Millennials are sick of being told they "can't cook a home made dinner if their lives depended on it" or just because most of them had not found the time to put into it. Whatever the case, cooking, and mostly baking, is one of the favorite hobbies for people during the Pandemic.

"I dunno honey, Neon Pink does seem to clash with the rest of...well the world"

"Soon the quarantine shall be lifted and I shall have my revenge"

No.4: Learning Something New

Though we briefly touched upon this on the subject of reading, learning something new has way more applications. Learning a new language, learning an instrument or even learning a new skill. People have taken up to expanding their horizons during the time of the quarantine and that is just perfect. From people learning a new instrument or language, to people giving a go at streaming, djing or even trying to broaden their academic horizon, the sky is the limit, except the sky is your ceiling because we have to stay inside.

No.5: Working out

It started out as a means to stay healthy, but some people actually took it further. Some people decided that the quarantine is the perfect time to get the body they wanted, or just engage in the physical activity they wanted to. From home training programs, to house "gyms" people are working out in their homes, either to just, stay fit, or maybe even improve their state.

"Soon my man eating plants will be ready, then we will see who is the fairest in the land KAREN"

"Eat led stupid Jimmy!"

No.6: Gaming

It may come as no surprise but for most of us introverts and nerds, social distancing is the perfect opportunity to catch up on our gaming. But its not just gamers and nerds, people around the world are picking up games, ranging from board games, to video games to party games. As families have to spend more time than ever together, board games offer a great solution to ease stress, have some fun, and kill time. On the digital front, video games offer a way to have an enjoyable time with your friends, since you cannot go out and do whatever else it is you do.

No.7: Audiobooks, Podcasts and Listening to Music

Listening to music has become a more necessary part of our life over the past few years, to the point where most people barely do anything without it anymore. Naturally, podcasts and audiobooks have also risen up to replace the radio by making shows that cater more to our personal interests than a random radio broadcast would, and with the option to record and hear them at your leisure? Well that is just right and dandy right? With many people having a lot of spare time on their hands, some choose to experiment by listening to new types of music, finding about new artists, catching up with their favorite podcasts or simply listening to audiobooks, if books are not their thing.

No.8: Gardening

You read that one right. Even if you do not have a garden, apparently during the social distancing/quarantine times, many decide to grow a plant. Why? because unlike a pet, it will not shit everywhere. I do not know that for certain, I am just guessing.

Jokes aside however, people have indeed taken up gardening. Whether its because it soothes them, because it takes their mind off things or just because they feel like a hobbit from Lord Of The Rings by taking part in "caring for things that grow".

No.9: DIY Projects

Sometimes your house needs minor repairs. Other times you and your S.O are looking for excuses to throw hammers at each other. Whichever the case, DIY projects are on the rise now that people are locked in their homes. Either doing minor repairs, or just creating small projects to make their home feel more like home, people are dusting their toolboxes and get down to brass tax. The success or failure of such hobbies however, will be judged by the repair bills once the quarantine is over.

No.10: Writting

Well everyone has an artistic side, and many have decided to develop their writing skills now in Quarantine. From blogs to mini stories, fanfiction to novels, people are taking the downtime of the quarantine to sharpen their skills and their pencils.

Final Thoughts

It is good to have hobbies, and it is even better to stop complaining about quarantine and find some. This appears to be the age of the introvert and though frustration is understandable, idleness is not. So get crafting, reading, gaming or whatever you want to do to pass some time, hell maybe even try something new, its the perfect time for it.

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