Tussle Association: Coronavirus VS Miley Cyrus

The Tussle Is Going Viral!

We retired it in favor of actually writing some serious shit, but after popular demand (Teoh!) we bring it back! Is this a one off? Is this season 2? We will find out!

Today we will pit two things that rhyme, are equally hated (or loved) and we are going to decide once and for all, who wins. Coronavirus or Miley Cyrus!
You know the rules, we will judge our contestants based on four things

A) Fame

B) Likability

C) Marketability

and finally

D) Future

So, without further ado, lets get to it!


We all know it, we all hate it. The epidemic of our century (probably?) has swept through nations and nations. Forcing the majority of us in semi-quarantine and social distancing, needless to say this thing has been the cherry on the top of the crapfest that has been 2020 so far. Now lets see how the virus fares in the ring!

Fame 10/10: Its the coronavirus. Whether its memes, the ton of articles or just the scariness of them all, we all have heard of the corona virus or one of its bajilion nicknames

Likeability 1/10: Its a very infectious and lethal disease what the hell?

Marketability 5/10: The fact that there are actually slimeballs that are seeking to make a profit out of this is disgusting on so many levels for me, but at the same time the memes also count for marketability so.....I guess a five is good

Future 2/10: Like most diseases this lethal, it is one vaccine away. We almost got you buddy, just you wait.

Miley Cyrus

From Hannah Montana, to a wrecking ball of a few shenanigans, we all know Miley Cyrus. One of the weirdest careers in music I have seen in my life, she went from beloved child star to despised teenage trainwreck to a basically ok musician. Yes, she actually has a few decent songs after she stopped trying to twerk and focused on what she did great. But her opponent is ruthless. Its global. It may be more viral than her!

Now lets see how she fares in the ring!

Fame 7/10: From Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus, our little Miley is especially known around the globe. From memes to her music, hated or loved, Miley Cyrus was a peak meme phenomenon! Now, she is mostly known for her music.

Likeability 6/10: Say what you will, but Miley Cyrus has some actually pretty good tunes and despite her ups and downs Hannah Montana was a pretty decent show I guess? Regardless, she is hated by some, loved by others, mostly ignored by many, so that puts her on the 6/10.

Marketability 10/10: People love love. But they love hating people more. Focus on the love or the hate, you can easily make memes or any content based on Miley Cyrus.

Future 9/10: Well here is the thing unlike her opponent, Miley Cyrus still is young and can offer a lot. Personally I like some of her songs, and I think she is not -that- bad. But then again, many would rather punch me in the face just by saying that. Point is, her future is still unknown and it has potential.

And The Winner Is

Drake And Josh

What is there to say? The memes, the fact that it is actually a pretty good show? The fact that most people that have seen it love it, its viral, easy to market and an all round meme machine. Coming from the same origins as Miley Cyrus, Drake and Josh managed to put not one, but three careers on the road, Drake Bell, Miranda Cosglow and Josh Peck all started from that show. And though it has no future, that is better than a doomed future, like the Corona virus or an uncertain future, like Miley Cyrus .

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