Clash of Class: A Fight Of Strings – Vanessa Mae VS Lindsey Stirling

Vanessa Mae VS Lindsey Stirling

Vanessa Mae VS Lindsey Stirling

Grab your tea and fine wine ladies and gents, for tonight we have a classy tussle for you! Both, without a doubt, extremely talented people.

Both, undisputed talents with the violin, impressive careers behind them, not to mention both pioneers in music, for different reasons.

Two wonderful ladies, but only one victor.

For this Tussle, I employed the help of Maria from the team, as a fan of Lindsey Stirling, I needed a more passionate voice about this Tussle. So, without further ado, let us see how we will measure up the un-measurable.

a) Looks.
b) Musical Innovation
c) Fancy Stringing
d) Showmanship
e) Production.

As a disclaimer, please note, that -I-, John of CodingJar, am a classy motherfucker, so rest assured we will hold the bout to the highest of standards of class.

Vanessa Mae

Hailing from the high society of Britain, Vanessa Mae is a lady of many charities, musical accomplishments and her own fair share of controversy (look up her skiing career).  When it comes to music however, she took the world by storm there in the 90's by marrying classical violin with more pop and electronic sounds. Her song "Destiny" got played so much at literally everywhere, that I still often hum the tune, even if my brain is on shut down and I cant remember what song that was.

With a long line of musical accomplishments with the violin, her philanthropic actions and her surprising shift to a skiing career, let us see how our classy Brit holds up to our ruthless point system, and whether or not our lady from high society can hold her own in a Tussle Association: No rules but please don't be too rough, caged match!


A tricky subject, especially considering how that is highly subjective, but alas, as a pioneer of fuckin' class over here, I will be a fair judge.
10/10. She has the looks, the body, the style, the class. Fight me, she is a 10.

Anyone that wants to contest that, can look at her modeling career. That is right, our Vanessa has been a professional model!

"I am the Queen of Violin and I know it"

Musical Innovation

"Vanessa is so good even Poseidon asks for a live performance!"

Music has always been a tricky field. On one point, you have absurdities being praised as supreme innovation while you wonder how someone screaming inside an empty garbage bag -is- innovation, while at the same time when someone boldly tries to mix two different and maybe "clashing" genres of music, people guffaw and gasp at the notion.

When Vanessa Mae married classical Violin with electronic music, it has to be admitted that was a bold move. A bold move indeed! And it worked wonders. Was it the opportune time for such a marriage? Was it her looks? Was it her Brutishness (new word!)? Or maybe it was just the undoubted power of -The Music-. Regardless folks, she made it, and made it big!

9/10. Why 9 and not 10? Because I only know one song, and I do not want to risk being called out.


Fancy Stringing

Alas, dear Vanessa here makes a classy and elegant slip. Despite the innovations mentioned above, her violin play is pretty standard. True, she has the stance and poise of a virtuoso, but there is nothing fancy about how she plays. No fire explosions from the end of her violin, no lions majestically posing at her feet, its just her playing.

She tries with her make up and overall getup to impress (and she succeeds), but as we are classy sons of bitches, being beautiful and presentable is not the only thing we need for fancy stringing.

4/10. She looks good on the scene, but nothing fancy. Only class. Pure class.



1/10. Vanessa is not one to put on a fancy show for you peasants. She is an artist that speaks through MUSIC! That said however, as mentioned above, her shows do not rival the Resurrection of Christ (the standard of fancy showmanship)


Production Thriftiness

7/10. From albums, to video clips and her performances, Vanessa had always top notch funding and production. But at the same time, she never had to worry about making something professional looking without resources. So that is why, our Classy contestant gets a 7


Lindsey Stirling

Straight out Compton, except she wasn't she's from Arizona! (Admit it, you read it to the rhythm)

Humble beginnings, Lindsey had to hunker down just to learn the Violin. She was not from a poor family per say but, like most of us, she had to choose between her two passions, dance and violin. She picked the later. Now, her fame has blown up phenomenally, mostly because of the strides on the internet, that gave her the opportunity to reach people across the world through Youtube.

With a career starting on a rocky start as, despite making it as a quarter finalist in America's Got Talent, the judges there, decided that her style and performance, though unique and electrifying, was not enough to "fill a theater in Vegas" if she continued to pursue this alone. Was she mistreated? I do not think so. Were they proven wrong? Most definitely so.

Young, talented and a major nerd (I assume), our American lady represents the STREETS in this Tussle. But, can our Arizona belle use her humble upbringing to compete with our High Society socialite? LETS FIND OUT!


Undoubtedly a good looking lady, with a very peculiar charm and her alternative style, Lindsey is not a girl that would draw the eyes of a room to her, but is also not a girl that would go unnoticed. Struggling with anorexia her personality is, without a doubt, what charms people and draw them to her (as fans, don't get weird on me).

But, since we are talking about pure looks, and I am the completely not objective judge here, I will give her a solid, 7/10. She is charming, she has that playful charm, her looks and style put her well above the average, however she is not Vanessa.



Musical Innovation


This subject troubled me greatly. Maria would have me give this to Lindsey, but to be fair she wanted this entire Tussle to be won by Lindsey. That said, we will pass our dear Lindsey through the same gauntlet we did with Vanessa.

With her music being more bold, as she played themes, styles and music that is generally speaking, not exactly taken seriously by many "serious" music critics, the reason why I do not think that Lindsey was treated unfairly in her early career is because what she does is a swing or miss thing. Combining a violin performance with a dancing performance, Lindsey, like a TRUE American, did not stop there. She took the already unorthodox combination and went on to combine THAT, with putting violin into other songs from soundtracks, to medleys to her own creations. And then, like a TRUE Southern American, she took THAT and combined it EVEN further, with other genres, like dubstep, or dance music, or metal or whatever.

Lindsey is a visionary, that much is clear. But, like most visionaries, you either love it, or you don't. Persistent and tenacious, Lindsey combined things that nobody else before thought could be combined, and did so perfectly.

10/10, hands down. Love or hate, the very fact that Lindsey had the balls to create a "Star Wars meets Tony Hawk's pro skating dubstep/electronic" medley, while she dances around in a mix of ballet, river dance and hip hope, WHILE playing the violin, is remarkable to say the least. (Lindsey if you read this, you are welcome for the idea of all the above)


"Bringing the metal in the metal cage match. Lindsey in the building!"

"It is -21 degrees and snowing, can you turn up the fucking heat already?"

"I do not appreciate your critique John, prepare to be violended"

"Swiggity Swooty, Swoopity Swoopy"

"The amount of people that are gonna roleplay "Lindsey Stirling" inspired bards in DnD is going to explode"

Fancy Stringing

8/10. Why 8 out of ten? Lets break it down.

Lindsey rocks the stage, sometimes literally. She plays the violin, she dresses up, there is dancing going on, people run around, fans duel to the death and I am pretty sure at some point a moose gave birth, I dunno, her performances are crazy! That said however, sometimes it does appear a bit too much like an act, like she is trying too hard. Maybe it is personal preference, maybe it is not, but the reason why Lindsey does not get a solid 10 here, is because, to me, when I look at some (not all) of her performances, it seems like it is all too much of an act.



10/10. You may not like it, I am impartial towards the more negative about it, but lets be honest. Our American Belle is a true show woman. From awesome costumes, to her impressive dance-violin play, watching a video by Lindsey Stirling may be a lot of things, but boring is never one of it. Another thing I love about it is, despite it not being the elegant poise of Vanessa, she manages to do what she does with grace. Never have I seen any of her videos and rolled my eyes thinking of how cheesy it looks

Furthermore, I am pretty sure that if I put anything less, Maria will have the hounds hunt me down and kill me.


Production Thriftiness

8/10. Lindsey started from truly humble beginnings. Everything in her initial videos was improvised. From assistance from family and friends, to clever solutions, Lindsey started from improvising for the best she could manage, to creating the best. Thrifty, clever and patient, another wonderful display of her character (aside from her charitable work) is her determination and persistence which truly paid off.

Why not a 10 out of 10 however? Despite being clearly thrifty, admittedly Lindsey also happened to have just the right friends to help her out to begin with. I am not saying it is a bad thing, or that she should not, but knowing the right people helps ease the slope. A solid 10 out of 10 would be someone who managed to become what Lindsey did, without having any connections that could maybe help out. Harsh, but that is the nature of the Tussle. Ruthless.



Looks? Look at the hair. The classy outfit. The Elegance. The looks and of course. The beards

Musical Innovation? I dunno, they only managed to combine the two arch nemeses of music: Classical and Heavy Metal.

Showmanship? Just a simple headbanging from those metal heads is enough to create a double rainbow

Fancy Stringing? Celloooo? Cellos are stringed instruments as well, and they use those to play -heavy- metal

Production Thriftiness? They have to work with an immobile heavy instrument and still manage to look badass in a video clip. That takes some superior thriftiness in of itself.

Why Apocalyptica? Well,

a) Because both of our lovely ladies are interesting enough to warrant their own article, and my musical knowledge is not enough to pass serious judgement on any of them

b) Because, when think about it in a non-humorous way, from my perspective, declaring one as the winner would be unfair to the other contestant, but most importantly

c) Due to the borderline fanatical devotion of their fans, declaring any one as the winner would have the others hunt me down and stone me to death.


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