Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne

Warcraft 3

The most bizarre success story in my humble opinion, Blizzard's Starcraft and Warcraft series of games were basically created to spite Games Workshop. Both games originally designed to serve as miniatures for the Warhammer franchise, Blizzard's designs got rejected so they decided to just make games to prove they -are- worthy of being part of a franchise, or so the rumors would say. Today we will focus on Warcraft, who after two greatly received games, came out with the titan of RTS that is Warcraft 3. More races, More units, more interesting story to tell and the amazing custom level design and mod community that was active in Battlenet, this game was like a never ending treasure trove. I mean, it gave birth to Dota. Yes. -THE- Dota.

Then the expansion came, which just had everyone going apeshit crazy about it. But is it good? Is the story as amazing as we all remember? Is the RTS as good? The music? IS THE GAME MEME WORTHY?


For the era when it was created, the graphics were in the mediocre area. Though the cinematics and cutscenes were top notch, the general animation and movement of the units, is basic as all hell. Although it makes sense, it is clear that the game focuses on massive multiplayer combat, and as such they had to keep the animations simple, or at least thats what it seemed to me. That said, the overall aesthetic, colors and backrounds was and is amazing. Overall, I will say that the game is visually appealing, even if it has not aged well.


The cinematics still hold up, and admittedly it is the type of game that is more about the gameplay and story than the graphics.


The meat of the game, the gameplay is what truly made this game the king of fantasy RTS. With a unique hero system, that would have special hero units that would level up and gain better abilities that could change the tide of combat, combat in this game is fluid, fast paced and very intuitive. Without a single unit being useless or obsolete with time as many other RTS's have, with surprisingly low CPU demand, the game allowed massive 8 vs 8 player maps, leading to massive battles the likes of which we would not see until Battle For Middle Earth.

Hectic, fast paced and fun, despite being a bit more streamlined like most RTS of this genre seem to be, you will without a doubt have fun regardless of how you play it.

Music and Sound

When Blizzard started to make the Warcraft series they aimed high and sought to deliver a true epic. In that department they managed to do so expertly, and the music and sound design were instrumental to that. Lets begin with the music.

With some amazing music perfectly highlighting the atmosphere, race or campaign map in question, the game manages to captivate the imagination and is one of the few games I have more often than not play with only music on.

Sound wise, the game features a rather run of the mill array of sound effects, but the Voice acting was top notch for its era.

One thing is for sure, when you play Warcraft, everything you see and hear, are going to immerse you fully

Final Thoughts

All of the above are combined to create what Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne (and Warcraft 3) do best. Tell a story. Whether you are in it for the single player story, the skirmish fights or the multiplayer BattleNet scene, you will enjoy yourself immensely.

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