BackBone.js Finally a framework for dogs


HENLO Woofers!
Here I am, again, to share my knowledge on a framework for doggos! The BackBone.js (I truly just wanted a "bone.js", but it's something!)

Backbone.js is a JavaScript library with a RESTful JSON interface and is based on the Model–View–Presenter (MVP) application design paradigm. Backbone is known for being lightweight, as its only hard dependency is on one JavaScript library, Underscore.js, plus jQuery, which is already included everywhere these days anyway. It is designed for developing single-page web applications, and for keeping various parts of web applications (e.g. multiple clients and the server) synchronized.

Well woOf course, I didn't remember all of this by heart, but I found a proper way to say it in hooman words from Wikipedia. (I'm a smart doggo, but OK I should not brag using other's work 😛 )

An example in BackBone.js is the below (YUMMYYYY)

var Library = Backbone.Collection.extend({
model: saveBones

var hole = new Library;

var favouriteBones = hole.create({
typeOfBone: "Steak Bone",
location: "behind The Daises In The Garden"

I also propose my own design on the BackBone.js logo, and now it's more attractive, both for dogs and Hoomans! But mostly doogs. Woof.

backbone.js meme

Woof do you think of my post thumbnails? Are they not awesome!
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This is your best doggo fren, Hector, with Hector Codes! See woof next time!


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