How to delete System32

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Hello Woofers!

I'm here once more woof, but not to teach you any programming language!
I'm here because I'm really smart doggo and I want to share with you my knowledge on how to delete your System32 folder!
Well as some of you know that I have iWoof Pro and I don't have this stupid woof folder!

As I searched on that thing called internet, I found the following...

System32 doggo

As you can see, I found my lovely woof fren, friendly advice doggo, and he advises to delete the System32 folder to make your PC go fast!

Well, I have to tell you a secret, and unfortunately, it's the truth!

That lovely doggo fren, is a very stupid doggo woof!

Delete System32 (?)

I also found this silly video below that explains how to delete the System32 folder on Windows XP (what is XP? I wasn't even born when that old windows version was out!)

But WHY? Why would you want to delete this folder???
This was a joke of some years go, that went like"

You must delete System32 because it's a virus!


You must delete System32 because it slows down your PC!

However, I'm a truly smart doggo and I have to tell you that YOU SHOULD NOT delete this folder! It isn't a virus!

The System32 folder exists in every version of Windows OS and has important files needed by Windows to work properly!

YOU SHOULD NOT delete this folder, even if you have virus.

In case you have a virus, you should scan your computer with an antivirus program, and if you don't know how to do this, or you are unable to because of the virus, then take your computer to a Computer Technician!

To conclude:
System32 is an important folder and YOU MUST NOT DELETE IT.
If you have problems with your PC and you don't know how to repair it, search on the internet for a hooman help, and not ill advised jokes from 4Chan.
In case you want specific help from me, Hector, visit our page or send me an email at

Your lovely fren,

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